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Limo Hire East Midlands - Limousine Hire East Midlands

If you’re looking for elegant travel and a luxurious drive look no further than limo hire East midlands to tour you around the beautiful Region of East midlands in England. East midlands consist of many areas such as Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire.

Places to visit

The Corner house in East Midlands (Nottingham) is known well in the UK due to its overwhelming scenery and beautiful structures many people are fond of this area and they always try to take that one opportunity to get to the Corner house any cost because of the great cinema which shows many films and the great restaurants such as TGI Fridays. Also if you wanted to stay healthy it also has the Virgin gym inside which is exceptional with all the equipment you need.

The Shires is also very famous here due to its brilliant layout and shops. This part in the east midlands (Leicestershire) is greatly known and the retail outlets there are great with many sales and high quality products. Also the shire is exceptional in Christmas time with all the great lights and you could take our Pink hummer limo hire to take you all around.

Belgrave round is also well known in the east midlands due to the vast amount of shops and restaurants and entertainment places. The road seems never ending with the amount of great places to see. You could take our limousine hire service and travel in style on Belgrave road and be seen as a classy unique individual in our Hummer limousine hire.

Food and drink

The Khyber Pass restaurant caters for all people kids’ even adults it has a fantastic setting with a great service area which many people are really fond of and has excellent food which everyone is after, and its rating from customers is hitting 10 out of 10 every time now so don’t miss out, this restaurant in East midlands (Derbyshire) is the most famous and it is known to have a excellent menu and you could be chauffeured in style to mix a great meal with great service with our pink limo hire.

Another great restaurant is Desi express in the east midlands (Nottingham). This restaurant is doing exceptionally well because of the great setting and layout with great pictures just to make you feel welcome and that’s not it the food is always exceptional with great service and the customer always leaves happy after a great meal. To top it off you could take come with us in our hummer limo hire to enjoy great drinks and a great time in our mini nightclubs in the limo.


The East midlands area has eye catching scenery and entertainment with many cinemas and many entertainment places such as bowling, laser quest and art galleries. The park areas and the atmosphere at East midlands is one to be a part of. An also east midland has many relaxing places with great swimming pools, Jacuzzi and saunas. The David Lloyds leisure centre in east midlands is great because with the great steam room and swimming pool you could just relax and enjoy with no worries because you’ll be driven home in style with our limousine hire.


The Supernova nightclub in East midlands has a well known atmosphere and if you’re looking for a great party you won’t find a better one then in the Supernova nightclub. This will guarantee great music and a party atmosphere you’ll never forget.

Another great nightclub in the east midlands is the Zanzibar. This nightclub is greatly known for a real great night out and it is said the bar at the nightclub is great with great service and every drink that you need to top off a great night. A lot of music is played in the nightclub and it has specific night for whichever songs you like i.e. R&B, Bhangra or rap.

The nightlife in the east midlands is always great with a guaranteed party you will never forget and the great region is well known for student parties so don’t miss out. If you want to be the lucky individual to go to a party in style book our hummer limousines hire.

Where to stay

The Holiday inn in East midlands is the best in the area with great room service and quality mixed with great rooms provides that excellent feeling that you are living at the best.

The travel lodge is known as East midlands friendliest hotel, it creates a home from home atmosphere for all the guests. Whether here for a conference or holiday, the friendly and efficient service will entice you back again and again.

Another great hotel in the region is Ramada hotels which are greatly known for a great night’s sleep and a great meal at lunch and supper and they say breakfast here is like no other. So if your in the region definitely look for the Ramada hotel to get a great feel of the east midlands and then make it a great night by sleeping tight.

All the hotels in the east midlands are great and the areas in the east midlands always add to the great fun.

The football team

There are many football clubs in the east midlands but the most famous is Nottingham forest for gaining 2 European cups and becoming a part of the unique teams that have won it, they have had a good part of their time in the premier league but of late they are in the league one championship trying to claw there way back up.

Other teams in the east midlands are Leicester city, Derby County, Notts County. All the teams in the east midlands area have a great backing from their locals fans and that’s why on match days the atmosphere is immense and it is a great day out for any football lover and you could top it off by getting chauffeured home in style in our pink hummer limo hire.

We provide limo hire in all areas of East midlands.

You can travel in many limousines such as Our American Stretched Exotic Limos, Lincoln Town car, Chrysler C300 (o.k. Baby Bentley), Pink Hummer and Super stretched Hummer Limos are amongst the finest and newest limo in the UK, which gives you that unique feeling that you are traveling with the best.

To get a great feel of East midlands and make a memorable experience for yourself contact east midlands limousines and we can give you a great tour of the region and we could give you that luxury in which the stars travel.

Our American Stretched Exotic Limos, Lincoln Town car, Chrysler C300 (a.k.a Baby Bentley), Pink Hummer limo hire and Super stretched Hummer Limos are amongst the finest and newest limo in the UK.

Hire a limousine in East midlands with us and we will treat you like a VIP, with special VIP entry to many local nightclubs and bars.

Our professional chauffeurs are very courteous and always uniformed and highly trained and will ensure your limousine experience will be very safe and enjoyable. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service by going that extra mile.


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